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  • How does a virtual branding photoshoot work?
    It's simple! A virtual photoshoot uses a special app that allows me, the photographer, to take photos using your phone during the photo session. You can relax and enjoy the photoshoot while I guide you through each pose and help you get photos you love! ​ There's something truly magical about connecting with people from all parts of the world and being able to take photos that capture their unique and amazing self. Are you next?
  • How long will it take to receive my images?
    Your beautiful photo gallery will be delivered within two weeks of your photoshoot.
  • What if I don’t have a space in my home that works well for a photoshoot?
    No problem! You can borrow someone’s home for a day or rent a bright and airy Airbnb near you. That’s what I did for my photoshoot. My sister-in-law has a beautiful office, and she let me spend a few hours there to get some of my own photos. Think about someone you know who has a bright, clear space with maybe a desk and a chair. I also highly recommend having some sort of plant in the room if there isn’t one already. It adds life and color to the photoshoot - a little bit of greenery can go a long way! P.s. Not sure you have the right wardrobe? Why not borrow clothes from a friend!
  • What is the investment?
    A full branding photoshoot is $650 (my prices are in USD) and this includes: A Virtual Styling Session 3 hours of photoshoot time 5 outfit/style changes so you have a variety of image options to choose from 2 locations to provide for images with different backgrounds 40 professionally edited digital images which you will love!
  • What if I’m not very photogenic or have never done a photoshoot before?
    Is this your first photoshoot? Not a problem! You do not need to have any prior experience and you're in the right place. One of my gifts is bringing joy and laughter to each photoshoot that will make it fun and enjoyable. I'll be personally guiding you through each step, so you can just relax and enjoy the photoshoot! I will help find the best lighting and poses to ensure that you look your best, (and at ease - because you will be), and the final images bring you joy.
  • Can you remove 10 pounds and 10 years from me during the editing process?
    My style of editing is to highlight what makes you shine. I want to celebrate YOU and celebrate where you are at in your journey right now - as well as where you plan to go. It’s important that your virtual photoshoot images are authentic, and I understand that you also want to look your best so I focus on editing in a way that naturally highlights your features. The most common edits I make are lighting, adjusting color, light blemish retouching, etc. Note: I know how to choose the best poses for your body type and will guide you through a variety of poses during the photoshoot that will be flattering!
  • Can I have colleagues, family, business partners appear in the images with me? Up to how many people?
    This is on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you have a business partner who lives near you, it would be ideal for them to join the photoshoot and have some photos together to capture your work and camaraderie. I have also done a photoshoot with an entrepreneur who works with a lot of moms, so we took some family photos because that aligned with her business focus. Do you have a wonderful pet that joins you in the office each day? They can be part of your photoshoot! I would be happy to jump on a call with you to talk through this together and see what might be possible.
  • What resolution, orientation and file type are the final images? How are they delivered to me?
    Images will be the highest resolution available on your phone. Most images will be portrait orientation, but we also take a few landscape images for variety. Within two weeks of the photoshoot, you will receive a beautiful online photo gallery of professionally edited photos. Once you have received your virtual branding shoot image gallery, you simply select your favorites, and the final images will be delivered to you in PNG format.
  • Are the final images watermarked? Are there any restrictions on how or where I use the images?
    Your final images will have the watermark removed, so you can start using them right away! All photos are covered under a Commercial Usage License.
  • Do I need to have an assistant to help me on the day or can I manage alone?
    Don't worry - we've got this! You don’t need an assistant to do a virtual photoshoot with me remotely. As long as you have a tripod, we can do your photoshoot without any additional help. If you would like to have some moral support and invite a friend along to be by your side that's also okay. Remember, this is what I do - my expertise is working with people one-one-one virtually, so you can rest assured that I can produce incredible images for you without you needing to worry about getting other people involved.
  • Do I need to provide any special equipment such as lights, a tripod, or anything other than my phone?
    - You will need a tripod that can be extended enough to set your phone at eye level. (If you live in the USA, I will ship you one FREE) - There is no need for additional lights. We utilize the natural light available in your photoshoot space (whether that’s at your home, a friend’s home, or Airbnb). - If you have something like a ring light, have it available in case we want to add a little extra light to the shot.
  • Are there any device requirements? Does it matter if I am using an iPhone or Android? Is there a minimal OS requirement?
    There are no device requirements, but newer versions of smartphones work best. You also need access to good WiFi or a strong data connection. For the photoshoot, you will download a free photo studio app which is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. The higher the image resolution (megapixels), the better!
  • If I love more than 40 images, is there an option for me to purchase more?
    Yes!!! I always provide plenty of photos for you to choose from in the final gallery. Part of your virtual photoshoot experience includes discussing the platforms you want the images for and I work to your requirements. Any additional photos are only $10 each and I can work to any aspect ratios that you need.
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