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Join My Referral Program
- Invitation Only -

Hi Mallika!

Thank you for joining my referral program!

I am excited to help your clients get professional photos for their business if they are not close enough to do a brand shoot with you.

I'm sure your network is just as amazing as you, and I can't wait to connect with them!

Laura Harstad Photography-536_edited.jpg

Here's How It Works


Send an email introducing me to your referral


I'll keep track of every referral and who referred them


When the person you referred books a photoshoot, I'll send your gift!

headshot 2.png
For every person you refer who books a photoshoot, you will get $50! 
And to make it even easier...

Here's an email template you can copy & paste!

(feel free to use your own words as well)

Hi [NAME],

I would like to introduce you to a virtual brand photographer, Laura Harstad! I'm impressed with her work, and all of her photoshoots are virtual! All you need is a phone, and you don't even have to leave home.

I highly recommend Laura. I know she can help you get photos that capture the essence of you and your business brand.

Here's her website with more information:

Enjoy connecting!


THANK YOU for helping me share the joy!

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