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I'm creating a one-of-a-kind
experience for MUSICIANS around the world

...and I would love for you
to be part of it!

Music Through the Lens
  • 25 Musicians

  • 25 Virtual Photo Shoots

  • 1 Vision to Capture the Joy of Music

Are you ready to transform your musical journey into a visual symphony? Join me for an extraordinary experience that merges the artistry of music with the magic of photography!

Music has been a lifelong passion for me. I'm a professional photographer AND musician. I play piano and organ, sing in a choir, and direct a homeschool choir in my community.

Music is an essential part of my life, and I know that music has the power to...

lift our spirits
spread joy



I deeply believe that the world needs more music, and I think you would agree!

Laura Harstad Photography-6468.jpg

“Music can change the world.”

- Beethoven

Join me in an extraordinary photography project showcasing the incredible power of music. Your unique sound deserves to be part of this artistic journey - let's create something remarkable together!

Elevate Your Music Business!

📸 Professional Visual Branding

Imagine having a photo shoot with a skilled photographer who shares your passion for music! This virtual photo shoot is more than just images; it's a visual symphony that will transform your professional image. Guided by an expert musician-photographer, these visually stunning shots will set you apart in the competitive music scene, giving your brand the spotlight it deserves.

...and YES! It's a virtual photo shoot, so you can be anywhere in the world!

🎙️ Podcast Storytelling

Musicians not only get the chance to showcase your musical talent but also share your inspiring journey in a podcast interview. Being featured on the podcast provides musicians with a platform to connect with a global audience, share your passion for music, and delve into the personal stories behind your art. 

🎶 Immersive Virtual Showcase

It's your time to shine on a global stage! In this immersive virtual show, your music takes center stage, seamlessly blending with visually stunning images. This isn't just another online event; it's a unique experience that combines the magic of your music with the artistry of photography. Be part of a showcase that not only promotes you as an individual musician but also spreads the universal joy that music brings to the world. It's a moment worth sharing, and your music deserves to be heard and seen on this extraordinary platform!

Don't miss out on this unique experience blending music and visual artistry! Join now and be part of something truly exceptional!


Virtual Photo Shoot

90 minute session

3 looks/outfits

Unique creative experience guided by a professional photographer - priceless!

15 digital images that you can use for your business marketing!

Podcast Interview
Be featured on my podcast and share your inspiring musical journey

Star in an Immersive Virtual Gallery Show!
This will be an inspiring online event combining your music with stunning images.

Laura Harstad Photography-3895.jpg
Laura Harstad Photography-6469.jpg

The world needs more joy.

The world needs more music.

The total investment is only $375

*this includes the virtual photo shoot, digital images, featured guest on podcast, and being the star of an immersive virtual show!


This is an incredible opportunity for you to share your music and your story with a global network - and you’ll have amazing images to draw in even more people to discover your music!

Let's share the joy of music!

Questions? Click here to schedule a call: CALENDLY

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