Join My Referral Program
- Invitation Only -

As a valued client, I invite you to be part of my new referral program!

I would love to help the entrepreneurs in your network get professional photos for their business, and the best way to do that is through personal referrals.

I'm sure your network is just as amazing as you, and I can't wait to connect with them!

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Here's How It Works


Send an email, FB message, or LI message introducing me to your referral


I'll keep track of every referral and who referred them


When the person you referred books a photoshoot, I'll send your gift!

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For every person you refer who books a photoshoot, you will get a $30 Amazon Gift Card! 
And to make it even easier...

Here's a template you can copy & paste!

(feel free to use your own words as well)

Hi [NAME],

I would like to introduce you to my photographer, Laura Harstad! I absolutely love how my photos turned out, and all of her photoshoots are virtual! All you need is a phone, and you don't even have to leave home.

I highly recommend Laura. I know she can help you get fantastic photos for your business!

Here's her website with more information:

Enjoy connecting!


THANK YOU for helping me share the joy!